Somewear in Time

Oh to have lived in the twenties... the style was to. die. for. Even this slouchy casual look has a certain I don't know what (why does the French language beat ours in spades? No fair). Actually, I think you could get away with wearing this outfit today. I'd wear it. All but the floral brooche and hat, all but that. I'm not into brooches. They're too "old lady's blouse" and/or Carrie Bradshaw circa First Season. Ditto on the hats. My head's way too big. If I were in a "Who has the Biggest Head?" contest, I might come out world champion. Seriously. Runs in the fam. Merci, mom and dad. But... if I were to wear a hat for something other than staying warm (which I'm not, for the aforesaid reason), I just might wear this one. Très film noir.

Pic c/o (who else?) The Sartorialist.

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