It's So Cold in Alaska

Well, well, well, looky who McCain's chosen to place “a heartbeat away from the presidency.” I wonder how comfortable voters would be with the thought of putting a mere two-year Alaskan governor, former beauty queen, and ardent pro-lifer in charge of our country when, er, if Ole Man McCain kicks the bucket. Yikes. Hopefully Hillary supporters won’t be so blinded by gender to fall for McCain’s angle and assume Mrs. Palin carries Mrs. Clinton’s torch.


Startickler said...

I always wanted a daughter named Alaska a la Velvet Underground. Perhaps I can have the daughter (who will no doubt be a Cambodian orphan) and then you can be her godmother and have excuse for said tattoo.

figment said...

yes!yes! please adopt a child asap, and appoint me godmother so i can finally get that tat. excellent idea. sometimes i think the only reason i would want a child is to name it.