Mission Accomplished

Check it. The project actually worked! And, contrary to my usual pessimistic expectations (all the better to be pleasantly surprised, my dears) these were my first two tries. They're easy as pie to make, and there's something soothing in the hands-on repetition. Teehee, that sounds dirty.

Getting out the gutter, four Paste magazines support a decorative plate with keys and such on the left, while Edith Hamilton and Hester Prynne serve as a (frightfully flammable) candle pillar on the right. I'm not sure I'd use the magazine tables to hold a potted plant like they do in the instruction article (they don't feel all that stable to me), but they're certainly prepared to hold lightweight items. If you're looking for some easy decorations, give it a go!

I think I'm officially warmed up and inspired for my origami endeavours now...

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Erin Sledd said...


I've been playing around with craft projects using old magazines myself . . . those pages are great for origami.

Thanks for stopping by! I loved your suggestions for additional Qualiteas.