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Finally. Finally I got to see the end of this movie. And finally someone makes a great thriller that doesn't leave me screaming at the screen in anger instead of fear (damn you, Funny Games). About two years ago, during an already heartwrenching return flight from Paris, I started watching this movie. I got about halfway through, and was all-the-way enthralled, when the plane had the audacity to go and land on me. The screen went blank, and so did I. I was officially devastated. Even though a three-year relationship had just come to an end (for the, um, first time), it was the movie that I couldn't get out of my mind.

After I realized it would be some time before Ne les Dis a Personne made its way over the pond to become Tell No One, I did some investigating and discovered that it was based on a book by American author, Harlan Coben. Score! I bought the book straightaway and laid in bed one Saturday 'til I'd finished every word. Coben's writing is a bit meh, to be kind, but who cares when his storytelling's so bedazzling.

I can't recommend the book, but I can and do recommend the movie. A few weeks ago I was sitting at a pub flipping through the local paper when I almost choked on my Stella. There it was, the advertisement for Tell No One. I would have recognized that running man anywhere. Run, doctor, run. It's out in select theaters now and should be available on DVD within the year or so. I won't give anything away, but if you like thrillers, admirable acting chops, and all cracks sealed in the end, then this movie you will love.

Tell No One? No, Tell Everyone.

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