Cute in a Hand

Um, have I mentioned that I feel really really really really awful that this is what I feed my dog?? It fits in a hand for crying out loud. He should be ashamed of himself. I think it's time I go back to my semi-vegetarian state in an attempt to make up for Fletcher's eating requirements.


Before boarding my flight to San Diego, I was sitting very close to the gate when an elderly fellow was pushed by me in his wheelchair to board first. He was exceedingly thin, with no cushion left in his face, yet not much sag either, so the most noticeable thing about him were his gaunt leathery cheeks. Or lack thereof. As the Southwest attendant scanned his ticket he told her at a volume saved for those with hearing problems that: "I'm a Pearl Harbor survivor! And I'm 94 years old!" The lady responded how amazing that was and promptly got on the PA and announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'd just like everyone here to know that this gentleman is a Pearl Harbor survivor. And he's 94 years old! Isn't that incredible??" A waiting area typically filled with people who refuse to make eye contact with one another (or maybe it's just me) suddenly flooded with cheers and applause, and I was left gulping and trying to hide a few welling tears. I was so touched that she gave him that moment. He looked so proud. I told the story the next day over brunch to a tableful of girls, and no one was left free of gulps. I would blame the hangovers, but I think it's more likely that birds of a subtley sappy feather flock together.

Sew In Love

I'm not one for sappy words (anymore, anyway. or in the last thousand moments, anyway), but this is cool. I admit that I'd like to receive something like this, though I doubt there are many men out there who would sew up a piece of fabric to look like a love letter on notebook paper. And if he did, I admit that I'd wonder if it was me he loved or was it my brother.

via twig & thistle

Just Like The Comet

Here's a good acoustic version of my favorite song ("Comets") off of an album I like more and more every time I listen to it (Reservoir, by Fanfarlo). I've had it for some time now, but this past weekend it got about as many listens as it takes to fly from Chicago to San Diego and back again. This morning "Comets" got a few more listens on the way into work because I still wanted more. I always meant to post a picture of a little note the drummer, Amos, left on my CD purchase invoice. I'm not sure if it's still this way, but at the time I had to buy the CD through their website, and he wrote something like "thanks for buying our CD. we hope to make it to Chicago some day." I thought it was the nicest personal touch.


Everyone Look At Pictures Of My Cat

This makes me laugh. And reminds me exactly why I don't get twitter and hereby request my friends to stage an intervention in the event I lose my mind and start twittering.

A laugh was in order after returning from sunny San Diego to a shiester Chicago day (rain rain go away). But it does give me an excuse to get some stuff done around the house instead of going into work, which is where I'm supposed to be but can't seem to muster up the motivation. Shocker. Now I've convinced myself that I'll get there at 5 am tomorrow morning instead. We'll see how that plays out.


History in the Making

I've been listening lately to my bday mix handburned by GTA. It has some old and new, and on the nostalgia side there's "Brimful of Asha," which had me wondering "what in the world ever happened to Cornershop?" Well, Cornershop lives. And has a cool vid to a new song, to boot.

c/o stereogum

The Fluffernutter

It's already next time because I couldn't not post this cat. I want to squish him. via ateotl

Urban Frenzy, Interrupted

These are just awesome. Photos of Tokyo taxi lights by Marco Bettoni, via Lens- (I might as well just embed it into this site) -scratch.
One of these days I'll actually start saying something again on this here blog. Life's gone and gotten all busy-like on me, and I just haven't had as much time for the virtual stuff.... GTA was in town a couple weeks ago for the concert of a lifetime... Leonard Cohen at The Chicago Theater. Throughout the entirety of the show I either had a smile plastered across my face or tears welling up and rolling down my cheeks. It was surreal to see the man whose music I'd coveted since college days performing before my very eyes. His voice pristine, his back-up musicians and singers flawless, his commentary effortlessly poignant, the songlist satisfying, the seats great, the company better. It was a night I will never forget. I'll post pics one of these days, though the memory alone is quite enough. Thank you sincerely, L. Cohen.

This memorial weekend I'm off to San Diego for the first time ever (only my second time in California), and I couldn't be looking forward to it more. Til next time....


The Ocean Blue

Alchemy by Lane Collins c/o (once again) Lenscratch.


Behind the Bunhouse

It takes a little time to warm up - a minute and a half to be somewhat exact - and reminds me a bit of Fanfarlo, which reminds me a bit of Arcade Fire, Clap Your Hands and Talking Heads, but I've never faulted anyband for being derivative. Can't be helped, really.



By Angela Bacon Kid c/o lenscratch




These are just so darn cute. Little mammals making adorably pithy remarks. They remind me of a time so long ago... Then again, my severe allergy to tests didn't fully develop until law school.

trying to remember where this came from (pray tell)