Name that Plant

Anyone happen to know what kind of plant this is? I could be wrong, but I swear it smelled a bit of dill. Which made me hungry. Though I did not eat it. I plucked it out of someone's garden instead to display in a nice vase I recently acquired. Shame on me, I know, but it really spoke to me. Not literally.

I'm not exactly plant savy. I'm along the lines of having a black thumb, in fact. I'm working on it, though, and recently repotted my first plant! Yes, it was a feat worth mentioning and seems to be doing quite well. Thank the LAWD, sincing it's a "money tree" and all. I certainly cannot afford to put my financial state at any more risk than it already is. What's savings? Retirement? (pushaw) Anyhow, I like the looks of it. Looks hard to kill, for one. I suppose an unimaginative naysayer might compare it to undeveloped broccoli. In another way, though, I see little green bursts of fireworks. I wonder if it blooms.... I wonder if you can eat it....

If anyone can tell me, I'd be most appreciative. And if I locate my ambitious bone, I might even try to grow some.

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