"You're Losing Your Wings"

"...feather by feather."


"What A Cryin' Shame"

"...what we became."

Odd visual accompaniment to a little ditty by Deer Tick. Because you can't not give a chance to a guy with a gee-tar who goes by Deer Tick.

"Then We Sat On Our Own Star"

"... and dreamed of the way that we were and the way that we wanted to be."

Often a difficult distinction, I daresay.

This video fails to capture the best bits of this song in all their glorious glory... oh me oh my, the dissonance, the horns, the strings, the chorus, the deliberate frenzied plucking at about the 2 minute mark... but *as is usual* it'll have to do. In my desperately unsuccessful search for a more detailed version (really, you must hear the plucking), I did find covers by both Jeff Buckley and Starsailor.

I still declare that when I finally win the lottery I will commission a ballet to Astral Weeks in its entirety. Oh yes. I will. I am so certain the songs on that album were just made for ballet choreography. It would (I mean, it WILL) be gorgeous.


"It's That Little Souvenir"

"...of a colorful year... which makes me smile inside."

I could have taken one of two directions with these lyrics, and I went with the positive. Well looky there. This hasn't come up on my iPod, because it hasn't yet made it on there, but it's been turning pretty nonstop on my cerebral turntable for days now. Days. I like to attach too much meaning to such things, so I wonder what story it is, exactly, that I plan on ending. I'll keep you posted.


"The Street Heats the Urgency of Now"

Is it just me, or does this song never get old?


I (wish i) Played

The Dior commercial that introduced me to this song ("Moi Je Joue") makes me dry heave. And yet there's a crooked smile I can't quite suppress when I hear those first few beats. My body goes into a freaky auto-pilot foux da fa fa mode where I want nothing more than to prance around and do a white girl jig. And so the song stays and the commercial goes. And all is somewhat right with the world.


"Not Made For These Times"

On a less gloomy note, I'm all sorts of revved up to hear the new Veils album, coming out April 7th. Here's one of the new songs, which feels more reminiscent of songs from the former albums than some of the other new tunes I've heard. But we shall see... I'll resist voicing any opinions 'til I get the full effect from the complete album.

"And While the Seagulls Are Crying"

"... we fall but our souls are flying."

It's only fitting that in this time of working so damn much I feel totally disconnected from the world this morose little ditty would be worming its way through me noggin. Not to worry, though, I'm not planning anything drastic involving cliffs or the like. I am, however, beginning to feel much like a veteran driven to numb the pain with a little vino. And I mean that quite literally, as every bodily issue related to my ergonomically incorrect office is flaring something terrible. And on that note, a pretty song... and a live version, if you like (and I think you will).


"You Know I Think About You"

"...let me know you think about me too."

Ever since Neko performed at the Hideout Bloc Party last summer I've been waiting for her album to come out to track down this Harry Nilsson cover. I do believe this is the point in the concert when I looked over to find even B's eyes a little tearful. Though we all politely blamed the beer.


Normally I wouldn't look at this image any longer than need be, let alone post a picture of it. Even when it's just a wee rodent facing imminent death I have to turn my head. But there's something about this owl's prow(l)ess that's trumping my ridiculously softspot today. Just look at those talons prepped to scoop and the focus steering him straight to the target. It might not be this rodent's day, but it's probably safe to say it's his last.

thx allcreatures


To Make Up For Lost Time

Here's another song just introduced to me by D (spasiba!). It's by Jason Lytle (formerly of Grandaddy), and it's real nice. His new album, Yours Truly, The Commuter, comes out May 19th. Sold, to the girl who can't stop playing this song.

"You Hit Me With A Flower"

Still wading through a swamp of work over here, but here's a tune I was happy to hear this morning. It had been awhile and it sure was lovely making its acquaintance again.

Charmed, I'm Sure

I didn't know it was possible to bring out the dignity in a macaque monkey dressed in a onesie. That's talent, Hiroshi Watanbe.

Bon Idée

Dog, check. Leash, check. Balloons...

photo by Erik Johansson c/o AS


Family Tree

I'm slammed with work over here, but here's a song that looped a couple times during this morning's commute. I never got into TV on the Radio's Cookie Mountain album, but I'm fond of Dear Science so far. This is "Family Tree."


I Second That

But it's been awhile since I have.

image via DIM

When You're... Strange

People are strange from Denis Fongue on Vimeo via AS.

The Doors always remind me of my brother. He had a mild obsession with them back in high school, right around the time I too was discovering music as sanctuary. Never before had our outlets allowed for this bit of bonding. His preceding obsessions with things like tornados and the holocaust never managed to synch up with my focus on horror movies and the sinking of the Titanic (despite the clear common thread). What can I say, we're a morbid bunch.


"What Once Was Me"

"...everyone now believes is you. Originality was never big on your list of things to be."

The grammar's a little off and so is the quality of the sound on this vid, but this song is great in a simple old school kind of way. I heard it for the first time last night on the commute home, and it's been on repeat ever since (only to be interrupted by "She Goes To Bed," another good one). D's only recommended Falkner to me, oh, TWENTY times, but I just kept thinking "my mother is a fish" and generally don't latch on to a recommendation until one bops me over the head. Or comes through the speakers attached to my head. Good thing I'm still discovering music already in my possession whilst simultaneously binge-buying new stuff on the cheap. I've been in one of those manic search and rescue phases, which means I'm already set on new bands and albums to explore for at least 6 months. And yet I continue to seek and acquire. It's an addiction, but one I can live with and have every intention of feeding.


I Can't Find A Lyric Worth Quoting

But it's snappy and has nice vocals, so it will do just fine for me today, thankyouverymuch.


At first glance the baby flamingo appears to have giant feet (always a crowd pleaser). But upon further inspection, the baby flamingo is actually just taking a breather and kneeling. Backwards. See? That, or he's using his flamingo calves as training wheels, I'm not sure which. Either way, it hurts me a little just looking at it. Am I the only one who comes out of a kneel screaming? It is just not a comfortable position for the aging human.

fuck you, penguin does it again.


"Like the Moon Doesn't Mind"

"... if the sun doesn't shine, the sea doesn't care if you're lonesome tonight."

It's not the most interesting Bachmann tune, but I haven't heard anything from him since Crooked Fingers disbanded (tear), and it's nice to hear his voice again (tear two). He performed in Durham, NC several years back in the basement of the now defunct Bully's Cheeseburgers and Cheesesteaks, one of the many establishments that fell victim to my awkward waitressing "talents." I totally forgot there was a small poorly run music venue in the basement of that dump, and Crooked Fingers actually played there. Very random in retrospect. I met Mr. Bachmann after the show, shook his giant hand, and went generally speechless like I'm want to do in such scenarios. I think I muttered something about loving his music. Because I'm cool like that and very original. And that, my friends, was the beginning and the end of yet another passionately imaginary love affair.


Cheap Shot

But it made me laugh. via ffffound

My Burrito Calls

When you've tired of stealing witty quips from someecards, hit up fomato for something a little angry but cute.


I Second That

Books Galore

"Libraries," by Candida Hoffer. I can almost smell the scent of old books through the screen.
via AT


Earworms Beaucoup

I stayed in tonight in an attempt to make waking up early tomorrow a little easier. But here I am, clearly not sleeping. Instead I'm finally making my way through a foot-tall stack of stockpiled magazines and using this here blog to remind myself of a few interest-peakers. I'm very intrigued by this Shugo fellow. Here's another video that's visually right up my alley, and it looks like he's not too shabby live either.

The Living and The Dead


"Nothing Lost and Nothing Gained..."

"...life is just a lullaby."

I often find this song winding through my head. It's sort of become the musical accompaniment to gg's suggestion that I "be like water" when an inevitable descent into overanalysis strikes again.

Science Experiment

Wow, check out the mug on the tibetan fox. This reminds me of Foo in that "head of one animal, body of another" science experiment kind of way. I'll leave the rest of the analysis to fuck you, penguin.


Memories of Mexico

Well hello there, Puerto Vallarta. In the spirit of full disclosure, I actually took this photo on the way out, but it works better for the story this way. Yes, this year’s S.A.D. treatment was again undergone in an all-inclusive resort fashion. Which makes up in relaxation what it lacks in adventure. Really, it does.….

At the glamorous Riu Jalisco, you receive replacement towels in the form of mammals with sticker faces. I proudly displayed my growing cotton menagerie until we realized there were no towels left to dry ourselves. Not that drying anything in that climate is remotely conceivable anyway. If you set a bone out on a table in Puerto Vallarta it would somehow end up sweating. Still, I eventually dismembered the animals and put them to good use. RIP.

Speaking of animals, I felt a real kinship with this bird in particular. Something about the way he possessively gripped this prized cookie struck me as oddly familiar. I get it, blackbird, it’s not fun to share. Not when it comes to cookies.

Against the advice of my mother the worry-wart, we cabbed downtown after tiring of buffets and tequila shots to view life outside the all-inclusive bracelet (and track down non-drowsy Dramamine for my whale-watching pleasure). This must be one of those gangbangers my mom warned me about, the ones that were going to kidnap and kill us for purposes of gang initiation. No joke. Last year it was “Mind the water!” This year it was “Mind the murder!” because there aren’t any gangs in Chicago.

The most suspicious characters I came across downtown were made of metal. Puerto

spooky lady climbing the wall of a downtown watering hole.

gorgeous tree, and yet the stuff of fairytale nightmares. Look at how the branches drip onto the ground. I wonder how many years it took to grow like this.

Back on the Dramamine hunt… I really enjoyed soaking in all the colors. And the fumes! The bus system is alive and well in Puerto Vallarta, but I got the distinct scents that Mexican vehicles are not held to the highest of emission standards. Get it? Scents. Dork.

On the subject of color, I loved these creations made out of colorful beads. A little gaudy, yeah, but I wanted one.

I never did find any non-drowsy Dramamine. Apparently it’s reserved for wimpy Americans who can’t hold their downers. Not even this pharmacy giant came through. But that’s okay, the smell alone in there made it well worth the visit. That’s right, “Pharmacy Guadalajara” doubled as a bakery. It was a little weird to see girls pulling trays of freshly baked pastries out of an industrial oven sitting in the middle of the pharmacy. But the smell was very persuasive. I was so distracted I almost walked out of Pharmacy Guadalajara with the variety of Dramamine one must insert in the rear end. With appropriate gesturing, the lady behind the counter enlightened me to my error, and I made the switcheroo. Whale watching isn’t worth all that, now. But it is worth some well calculated planning.

in the hours leading up to a leisurely boat outing, i might've been confused for a patient prepping to go in for a spinal fusion. If I haven’t mentioned it before (I have), I get motion sickness at the drop of a hat. The sort that makes me feel like I’M SLOWLY DYING. Over the years I’ve learned how to cope, and when it comes to the queen mother of catalysts (the boat), I cannot overemphasize the importance of timing. There’s fasting and pill-popping to be done, all at the right time, and once I’m on the boat I require a strict focus. On the horizon. It seems like too much trouble, but I love anything water, and so a little life-flashing-before-my-eyes-nausea isn’t going to stop me. Besides, when done right Dramamine works. This is why I’m in love with it. That’s right, I’m in love. With Dramamine. It’s sexy.

Apparently Mexican seagulls are the laughing hyena of the water world, and they cracked me up. This was the dingy we pulled behind us during our excursion. It also took us from the boat closer to the reef where we snorkeled. And oh-oh-oh, I actually saw some blue-footed boobies IN THE FEATHER hanging out on the reef alongside the hyena birds. Of course I didn’t have my camera in the dingy, so I was left to burn the boobies into my pathetic excuse for a memory. In the water I didn’t see much more than a blowfish and some scarily large fish circling me, but we had the chance to swim under a cave that opened out into a gorgeous cove, and that was really something to behold.

Back on the boat, I pushed my luck and actually ate a sandwich prepared by the boat's "chef." Later, I raised the sandwich some deelish guac, and later still I raised both with a few beers. This was unchartered territory for me and The Dram, and yet The Dram STILL PERFORMED. We’re getting married in the fall. But first… the money shot. Yee ole whale tail! We did indeed see a few whales, all to the tune of a big guy on the boat who couldn’t stop exclaiming how “bOOOOOtiful” everything was. He was right, but I’m not always into over articulation.

Adios Mexico! All in all, the trip was a grand escape. To give Foo a taste of what he missed while I was gone, I let him model the hat that I proudly haggled a local down from highway robbery to petty theft. It saw one day in the sun (and a few whales), but something tells me it won’t see much more than the inside of my apartment for some time. I know how you feel, hat.

A Long, Cold Night

by Aaron Hobson

In the Clouds

Currently I'm not sitting at my desk as I might appear to be. No, I'm actually hovering over Cloud 999 after scoring tickets to Leonard Cohen's Chicago show on May 6th. Excitement abounds. Eternal thanks to gg for clueing me in on the added date and presale! We both failed the first go 'round, but I wasn't to be fooled again! Thanks too to GTA for helping me see it simply couldn't be missed. She went to his first US date in NYC a couple weeks ago along with only 2000 other lucky souls and came out saying things like "I simply cannot really put into words how freaking incredible it was. The whole night was perfect. It was... soul stirring. Something really weird that just shook me to my core. I haven't FELT like that in so long I don't even remember when...and it was just such a drastic change from reality and everything in my life." I could really use some of that.

quote c/o design crush


"Inside Me Grows A Man"

"...who speaks with perfect diction

as he orders my eviction

as he acts with more conviction

than I."

Hear album version here.

Book Autopsies

By Brian Dettmer. Neat-o.


Feeling some blues today, so coming across this picture of Falkor was just the thing. I admit to still wanting my own Falkor to come swoop down and sweep me off my feet. No, that's not a euphemism for a human prince charming, I really just want Falkor.

via ffffound.com


Ain't too proud to let loose. I bet that feels good.



Ian Teh for more looks into a vanishing China.


Dingo Night Terrors

And here I thought Foo was bad with all his sleep-twitching and pawing. But he's got nothing on Bizkit. I think Bizkit's got PTSD. Maybe he fought in 'Nam.

All Fueled Out

They're missing the romanticism of neglected pools, but there's something similarly haunting and bothersome about these abandoned gas stations, captured by Eric Tabuchi. Just think of all the roadtrips these guys once fueled.

"Wanted To Cry"

"...but you can't when you're laughing."

Here's another personal favorite (and then I'm moving on) from the Dark Was The Night compilation. This one's "So Far Around the Bend" by The National, the guys who made it happen.

Things That Make You Go


If you're going a little blind like me, click the image for a bigger version.

c/o smosch

Cute On A Stick

"A True Story of Beauty" by Fritz Goro.