pretty as a pile of rings

ridiculously gorgeous. and ridonkulously expensive.


Memory Vases

i'm not a huge fan of vases. vahziz. but this one's different, and you can bet your bottom dollar i will be purchasing one of these for someone one of these days soon. could be perfect for my new mom/sister or my parent's upcoming 40th anniversary or... the possibilities are endless!


I'm In Here

I admit (with only a little embarrassment) that "Breathe Me" by Sia can still make me cry if I let myself sit with it. And it's only partly because I associate it with the last episode of Six Feet Under (by which point a small part of me thought those characters were real).... this channels that song a bit. It is Sia, afterall. I'm liking it.

penguins only

no seals allowed. d'oh!

cute in a pile

scuse me, pardon me, um can you please just move a.... little to the right...oh yep, there, ok yes, perfect, thank you kindly much obliged.... everyone's got a front row seat this way. wonder who they're lookin at... she must be smokin.

Taken By Trees


cute on an ice cream cone

creepy cool

a virtual choir, who woulda thunk it.... well, this guy did.


"Love must be forgotten..."

"... life can always start anew."

and on the subject of my convo w/ gg last night... here's jonsi from sigur ros doing mgmt's "time to pretend." it's a fantastic version of one of my favorite pop tunes of late.

oh and btw, you can stream mgmt's new album on their website. about to check it.

pretty as a peacock

cute on a stick

quite literally. this is for my dear gg. sometimes there's nothing like a night catching up with a best girlfriend. so much parsed through, thoughts put in perspective, the big picture renewed, boatloads steamed from the chest.... i genuinely feel new and improved. and lucky. because THAT is a good friend for you.

impulse buy

why oh why do i want bakers' string? it's official, i have purchasing problems.

simple pleasures

a good stretch. why does it feel so darn good (like rubbing the eyes)? it's funny how animals don't move from nap to activity without one. i'm thinking we should all take a page from that book.



he wishin' he was one of them flyin' squirrels, or what?


how i LOVED this movie as a kid. i remember actually wondering if and hoping that mermaids were real.

i second that


where i wanna be

on that carpet. that's all. is that so much to ask?

cute on a giant paw


any beverage once sold with such a label should be sipped with care... this explains a bit about some of my behavior after failing to use said care whilst sipping on absinthe frappes at violet hour... what a badass advertisement. i'm working on my own collection at the moment... i have a gorgeous absinthe fountain from new orleans, thanks to p, sugar cubes and a filtering spoon c/o gta and her recent n'orleans obsession, and absinthe itself c/o binny's... the only thing left to get are the purty glasses... wonder if one night w/ my collection will leave me resembling this lovely lass....? nah, i could never achieve that tiny waist.

currently revolving

over and over and over again. it's this song by The Tins.

Bizarre, Creepy, Fascinating...

Shot in three Tokyo parks during the early seventies, The Park is a series of black and white photographs capturing couples meeting up for clandestine trysts and, more provocatively, the voyeurs who came out to watch them. First exhibited in 1979 at Komai Gallery in Tokyo, the uproar surrounding his methods caused these photographs to be hidden from the public for the next 28 years.

Mr. Yoshiyuki first stumbled upon this hidden world while photographing skyscrapers in front of Chuo Park in Shinjuku at night when he witnessed a couple having sex and quickly discovered an entire scene of young lovers—and their peepers. He soon returned with an inconspicuous 35mm camera, a filtered flash and infrared film, and began shooting these hetero- and homosexual couplings, along with their spectators lurking in the bushes.What is particularly striking about this series of photographs is not the graphic nature of the sexual acts portrayed, which are usually obscured by other figures or occur out of frame, but the densely packed tableaux of voyeurs who crowd in on the couples and sometimes attempt to join in.



On the Mike Snow bandwagon... liking this song even more but can't get it to embed... They added another show date here in Chi so I scooped up a couple tickets. Also got tickets to see Charlotte Gainsbourg at River West at the end of next month. Spring is coming (collective sighs of relief). Charlotte's new album (produced by Beck) is sounding pretty nice, so I'm getting excited for both shows. And before that... Mexico!! Life is feeling a-ok right now. Thank you, thank you. To whoever is listening....

Alain de Botton on Gratitude

One of the differences between religious and secular lives is that in the former, one says thank you all the time: when eating, going to bed, waking up etc.

Why does the secular world tend not to say thank you? At the most obvious level, there seems no one to say thank you to. But, more importantly, offering thanks for relatively minor aspects of life risks appearing unambitious and undignified. The sort of things for which our ancestors bowed down, we pride ourselves on having done enough work to take for granted. Would we really need to pause for a moment of gratitude at the oily darkness of a handful of olives or at the fragrant mottled skin of a lemon? Are there not greater goals towards which we might be aiming?

In our refusal, we are attempting to flee a sense of vulnerability. We do not say thank you for a sunset because we think there will be many more – and because we assume there must be more exciting things to look forward to. To feel grateful is to allow oneself to sense how much one is at the mercy of events. It is to accept that there may come a point when our extraordinary plans for ourselves have run aground, our horizons have narrowed and we have nothing more opulent to wonder at than the sight of a bluebell or a clear evening sky. To say thank you for a glass of wine or a piece of cheese is a kind of preparation for death, for the modesty that our dying days will demand.

That's why, even in a secular life, we should make space for some thank yous to no one in particular. A person who remembers to be grateful is more aware of the role of gifts and luck – and so readier to meet with the tragedies that are awaiting us all down the road.

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procrastination nation

I have a pretty big arbitration tomorrow. By big I don't exactly mean important. I mean more witnesses, more documents, more complications... and hence... more nerves. I'm a little anxious about it and am, naturally, stalling on account. I need to wake up at 4:30 tomorrow morning, and so wouldn't you know that my mind is suddenly racing with all sorts of things I've meant to investigate. No, not about the case. About things like... this, for instance.... Thanks for the recommendation, Erin.


where have i been??

how have i missed the nani birds until now? criminally cute, crafty AND free, this just might finally motivate me to buy a printer. it's true, i've never once in my life owned my own printer. but that might soon change. i'd love to line these up on my desk and force everyone in the office to wonder about me just... a... little... bit... more.
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come meet me...


Breakfasts du Monde

Hungray? Check out breakfasts from around the world as depicted by Oliver Scwarzwald.

The paws at 40 seconds

Are priceless!


welcome to the world

judging from the look in this guy's eye, he knows more in a minute or two than i've figured out in 33 years. which is plenty enough to know that he might want to consider crawling right back into that nice little egg of his.

more adorable baby animals here. fuzzy wuzzy elephant, are you trying to kill me?