Livingstone Place

Photoshop? Nope. Masochistic kiddies? Guess again. French floor cushions that look like pebbles and boulders? ding!ding!ding!

I'm in the mood for dreaming about being places other than here, and curling up amongst these Livingstones sounds pretty appealing allright. Or jumping into them like a pile of fallen leaves, whatever. These are so damn cool. Undoubtedly way outta my price range (which, these days, is oh about 5 clams), but damn cool nonetheless. Clever name too. Since I grew up on Livingstone Place, I've begun convincing myself that I'm meant to own a few. It's clearly a sign, yeah? The Alchemist followed the omens, and look what happened to him. Ok, so selling his sheep to follow a dream isn't exactly applicable to shopping strategies. Indeed, it's this sort of misapplied logic that's led to many regrettable impulse buys in my past.

Everything's gonna be swell just as soon as I win the lotto. Guess that means I should start buying tickets.

Thanks to Cheeta Fight for a random flight of fancy.

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