"That's How It Started"

This is The Walkmen with "In the New Year," off their new album, You & Me. (actually, youtube took it down, so now it's "The Rat"). Not sure if it's out yet, but here's a wee dose. I love this band.

I still remember the first time I heard The Rat. It was at the beginning of a very long and veddy veddy bad Sunday. One that started with a bike messenger "set-up" over pizza and ended with me and the messenger's formidable friend fighting over mac & cheese on GTA's pull-out sofa. Cringe. I was introduced to The Rat through the headphones of said forbidable fellow earlier in the day, and though I wasn't in the least attracted to him, I'd nevertheless go on to minorly make out with him by the end of the shameful night. Let this be a lesson to those who try to set me up.

The fact that I continue to listen to The Rat, a musical time machine straight to that icky Sunday, is a testament to just how much I like the song. Oh, and this new one ain't too shabby either.

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Startickler said...

Part of me ponders whether the look-back-with-queasiness minor hook-up is but a rite of passage for the modern woman.

If that's true, I have rited that passage far too many times.

I share your wince.