Earworm du Jour

Last night I watched a Dutch movie called Antonia's Line. I had some "ick" reactions that often come in response to awkward moments in pastoral filmmaking... like uncomfortably overdone facial expressions and bodily movements. I'm big on subtlety, and the movie is anything but subtle. Still, there were enough redeeming qualities to make me feel the better for watching it. The story spanned a few decades and followed the lives of generations of independent-minded women and their townfolk. There were messages of following your bliss, accepting death, celebrating life (and, hence, sex) and balancing the hypocrisy of religion with its comforts. It was a'ight.

The resident atheist hermit of the movie was named Crooked Finger, which reminded me of a favorite band I haven't listened to in awhile, Crooked Fingers. With Eric Bachmann at the helm, they've made some really cool music with even cooler lyrics. "New Drink For The Old Drunk" was the first Crooked Fingers song I ever heard, and I still remember the moment. I was instantly hooked and actually called the college radio station from my car to find out who it was. "It's No Crime to Resign Misery with a Bottle... " No sir, it is not.

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