Earworm du Nuit

"We are only one argument from deaf."

Well said. It reminds me of a drunken talk I had a few weeks ago with gg about how genuinely unsatisfying it is these days to know you're right in a fight. So long as the guy's head is as inpenetrable "as a bank vault," what's the use?

Anyhow, generally I consider Ryan Adams to be a bit of a douche. I mean, take a gander at one of his last album covers where he has his watch showing 4:20. Duuuuuude. Then again, he did score Parker Posey for awhile there, and that seems pretty cool. Whatever, unimportant, I like this song ("The Sun Also Sets"), the chorus in particular.

Try not to watch the video while listening. At one point it looks like he's trying to poop.

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