Holy Bianco(ly)!

I can't find a photo of the Bianco online, which is sad b/c it's very pretty. Bianco is a "specialty" coffee drink I ordered on a whim today at Caffe Rom. Oh what a wonderous whim it was. Special? Indeed. I've been trying to stay away from sugars lately. To, ya know, take off the pounds I gained the week after I lost a few pounds while off the sugar and carbs (oh what a tangled web we weave). But... I fell off the wagon this afternoon and caved for a sweet treat c/o Rom.

I don't think Caffe Rom exists outside Chicago, which is very sad for people outside Chicago. But if you're in Chicago, get yourself there and try one of their speciality drinks. They have all sorts of varietays (one with Nutella!), but my beloved Bianco has chocolate sauce, white chocolate cream, espresso and (wait for it) whipped cream. Hell, who needs the wagon when you can jump off it and land in a cloud of deliciousness?

I don't know if I've seen the light, but all roads just might lead to Rom....

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