ooh ooh ooh! (an addendum)

I had to share this review of Tell No One that Boozehound Cinephile just posted to Pajiba.

For one, because he wrote an excellent review, which just happens to support my humble opinion that the movie is awesomeness. Positive reinforcement is fun. For two, because Boozehound passes on overpriced soda and instead brings his own choice booze into the theater with him and tells you all about it. Sort of reminds me of childhood trips to the summer matinees....

Not the booze. I waited until 14 before hitting the bottle. I meant the candy we tucked away like flasks (practice?). Mom let us kids eagerly scour the neighborhood Sunoco to stock up on our favorite sweets (Starbursts and/or Milk Duds if memory serves me). I'm not sure what excited me more... the movie or the rare license to indulge. Then mom would stuff her purse full and sneak the goodness into the theater (my dad probably knew precisely how much this saved our family each fiscal year). Not unlike present day, my treats were usually down the hatch before the opening credits even rolled.

Returning to the movie and its critic... The Boozehound has this to say about himself:

Ted Boynton is a dedicated sot who would leave his barstool only to stalk Whit Stillman, if anyone could find Whit Stillman. Ted also manages to hold down a job and a wife, three hours each per day, whether they need it or not. Readers may scold, hector, admonish or taunt Ted by e-mailing him.

And here's a nibble of what he had to say about the movie:

Despite all that I've said, I can't do justice to the impact this movie had on me. Tell No One is a beautiful example of filmmaking craftsmanship, incredibly entertaining, deeply moving, and well worth a trip to the cinema.... Overall rating: A perfect, perfect ten.

Day-um. Boozehound's review doesn't go and spoil the end, but if you, like me, try to go into a movie knowing as little as humanly possible about it (like a good little juror), then I'd wait to read the whole review until you've seen the movie. Then you can use the review to relive the joy. Then again, if you, like me, tend to respond poorly to overly-hyped movies, you may not like it enough to want to relive it. That'd be a cryin' shame.

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