If you haven't seen the winner of this year's World's Ugliest Dog contest, meet Pabst. Underbites are almost as good as buck teeth in my book.

Cute On A Stick

This is the cutest thing I've seen in awhile. Those ginormous ears. That crotchety expression. The disheveled hair. That drip of watermelon.

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Bursting a Bubble

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Midnight Plane to Houston

My brother flew into Chicago this weekend to visit his lil sis (what a good brother), and we quickly set about doing his favorite things - wandering the city and popping into watering holes to drink really hoppy beer. At our first stop, gg's boyfriend and Map Room bartender cleverly joked that he couldn't believe two people he used to "beat it" to had recently died on the same day. Good one, B! Later that same night we ended up at Marie's Rip Tide, an old Chicago mainstay that looks like a sixties diner but serves only booze and classic tunes from an old school jukebox. After a couple patrons sated their "Red Red Wine" cravings, the Michael Jackson tunes started to pour out one after the other. I think we all got a little misty eyed realizing that there must be no better way to pay tribute to the successful and talented side of MJ's otherwise profoundly strange life. Right before we left, "Midnight Train to Georgia" came on, making us nostalgic yet again, but this time for the sentiment we associate with our southern upbringing. Which to me means mostly a certain terrain and smell and sweetness. Just a feeling of being home. Although it's not the story behind the song, who can't relate to wanting to take a midnight train to be there?

As a somewhat strange coincidence, I just discovered through wiki that "Midnight Train to Georgia" was originally called "Midnight Plane to Houston" and was inspired by none other than Farrah Fawcett. The writer of the song, Jim Weatherly, knew Lee Majors and had a conversation with Majors' then-girlfriend Fawcett, who mentioned that she was going to take a midnight plane to Houston to visit her parents. The words "midnight plane to Houston" stuck with Weatherly, and he used it as the basis for writing his original version, although the story in the song is not based on Fawcett but a story line that he eventually wrote around the title.

Now you know.



Just one of many disarmingly beautiful illustrations by Naomi Kobayashi.

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Well Hello There

"A webcam at Szentgotthard, Hungary captured this curious bird looking into the camera. The webcam is set to shoot only one frame in every minute, so what are the chances?"

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"In Toulouse, southern France, the unique metro line is entirely driven by computers. There's no human driver. So you go to the front and see the train's tracks.While chatting with friends, I set the shutter opened for 5 seconds, waited for a curve and click!"

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God Help Her, Indeed

I'm so excited about this album, which comes out next week! I've been eagerly anticipating it for months. It's Belle & Sebastian's new project with the help of some new female faces.



Wow, these really took my breath away for a moment there. Either click on the photo or go to Lenscratch to see them larger and in all their glory. An unstaged juxtaposition is usually the most poignant.

"Game We're Playing is Life..."

"... love is a two way dream."

It was hard to pick between that and "I'm a fountain of blood... in the shape of a girl." I've never paid much attention to Bjork's lyrics, partially because I can't really make them out while she's belting them, but I do believe I will from here on out.



Instead of seeing animals amongst the clouds, Horacio Salinas sees girls amongst his muffin wraps.

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Cute On A Stick

"Pardon me, how long must we hang here like this again?"


One Sentence

If you're thinking about seeing Up, stop thinking about it and go see it.... now.


Bonne Idee

This is one of those things I come across that I wish I'd "invented" first. It's so simple, so timeless, so aesthetically pleasing.... colorful candy-like yarn-encircled balls of light on a string c/o la case de cousin paul (cousin paul's cabin). And since you pick your own color combinations they could conceivably work anywhere, from monochromatic interiors to balls-out eye popping. Pun intended. My friend recently enlisted me to help her spruce up her admittedly dark abode, and I think these are just the ticket. I'm already working on her to pick up a string or two. Even with international shipping, it looks like a string of 35 will cost you about $80 stateside. Not too shabby for a unique and versatile pick-me-up.

Pretty as a Parapluie

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Ducks & Bucks

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As evidenced by my inability to pick fewer than six of her photos to post, I'm IN LOVE with Renate Aller's work and would beg borrow and steal to get my hands on a print of my own. The trouble would be picking just one. And affording it. If I didn't steal it.