the core

feeling a bit like this around the middle these days. i suppose there is such a thing as too much of a good thing... go figure. which is why i finally rejoined the gym (boo), which i just spelled like "jim" and didn't notice for a minute or two. i am so out of shape i call it a jim. thankfully this jim has a pool (yay) and some cardio dance classes that sound almost fun, so i'm actually the teeniest bit excited about it. now that's something to hang my bathing cap on.


squint squint

what could be cuter than a cat in chester molester glasses...

pretty as paris


this...is pinky

funny, yes. a little sad too, yes. but funny.

dreaming of the beach...

via apt therapy via

cute in a crouch

A pelican crouches in a zoo in Hamberg, Germany. via

i could watch this over and over

and over...and over... sloths!! i'm.... melting....!!

Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.




i'm so sleepy that a photograph of a lion yawning made me yawn. i knew they were cross-species contagious (just ask my dog) but didn't realize just a photo would do.


cheesy but twue

not bad to try anyway...

and the wanting continues...

got the bike bug. need a new one, but will be craigslisting it like a good girl...

un peu en fuego today... not a fly-a-flag kinda girl, but this new color scheme's treating me well.

via urban outfitters.

the search continues...

for an alarm clock that doesn't make my skin crawl every morning. the search just might end here. waking up to stephen fry's quips? yes, please.

toeing the line between creepy and cool

this hotel in amsterdam is doing just that.

bonne idee

via etsy

all bark, no bite


oh pappardelle...

you look so yummy.

cat nap

so want to get these for GTA....

crabby cute

via bbblog


Deepwater Horizon

ok, I can't get this video to embed... go here for a must-see story by 60 minutes on the Deepwater Horizon disaster. I really admire the engineer's courage. It's indescribably tragic and disturbing how easily it seems this could have been prevented.

via aswoba

bicycle rush hour

This is neato. And inspiring. I wish Chicago had entire lanes (real lanes) dedicated just to bikes. It would help deal with some of my car door sideswipe fears.


oh albino kanga...

will you be mine? via

cute on a vase

so darn cute on a vase. lili scratchy via

Please, Please, Please

I'm tired of zooey deschanel (i mean, come on, just LOOK at the soundtrack album art... barf), but I heard this song while out last night, and I really like her (or she and him's) version.


pretty as a shadow puppet


pop that hip

this baby vulture is already showing some serious 'tude. via



did you mean to match your chair to your cat's eyes? fess up. via

a thing for

matchstick blinds and dish constellations. timeless. via

cute behind spectacles

set desktop background to....

this will make me smile for a few days everytime my computer loads up. perfectly simple c/o sandra.
i've failed a time or ten, and i've fallen flat on my face (more like crumbled) more times than i can count, but i'm not sure i've ever done them both at the same time.

fancy as a hot dog

i'm not sure if it's because it resembles stroganoff or because it looks so easy to make, but i want to try this.

impulse buy

oh how i want that top there on the right. but oh how i don't have the dough to spare.

cute as an old creature

via via lenscratch

mushroom crepe

yes, please thank you very much! via


She's Crafty

how to make your own decoupage chairs. nifty!

Cute in a Dump

via allcreatures. Story behind the kitty who loved his dump here


"you are tiny..."

"...and your lips are like little pieces of bacon."

thx, don't forget to dance.