big easy or bust

so excited to finally meet this n'awlins place, and see some good friends while i'm there...GTA and UITBE. yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



ever since seeing Ghost World (a movie i could otherwise take or leave), i have loved these surfy 60s indian musical ditties. via

book smarts

Rune Guneriussen does it again. first lamps in nature, now books. was just saying yesterday how i like the juxtaposition of out-of-place objects, and Rune is the one i was thinking of. happy to see more equally captivating images. via via


truly, unlike any other, chie mihara's shoes take my breath away. quite simply, they are art for the foot.

feral houses

oh the things my childhood mind would have imagined walking by these abandoned houses in detroit. by James Griffioen
via lenscratch


since i am attracted to nearly all styles 60s and 70s, i lurve these knee-high hasbeens. so cute. so colorful. so not affordable. so never going to be mine.

voulez vous coucher avec moi...

svp?? tres tres jolie! via sang and serena.

what did you just call me??

via allcreatures.

cute in a palm

pigeon in a palm. still a rat with wings? i suppose, but this is starting to win me over...

dance like nobody's watching

and... one two three two two three three two three four. no spaghetti arms!! via allcreatures

pretty as graffiti

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i love the details and shapes of these purses. seeing as the site selling them doesn't even list prices is a good indication that i will continue to admire them from afar....

pretty as a pipe


somewhere in time

a Parisian flat, which sat untouched for 70 years!


...in urban spaces. i've always liked seeing things (in this case, people) in out-of-place environments (in this case, positions). via


creepy cool

is this bear doing the Martha Washington for the camera?? what's next, Marco Polo??


is that just because the brave get out there and move and shake a bit more? puts probability on their side, maybe. via design crush.


want. for me and all my friends. but $180? i don't think so.

what i'd wear

if things were just a little bit different... via design crush



peter freitag via

wood ant and microchip

even 21st century ants are interested in technology. what is the world coming to....

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swimming with the deer

a new attraction in Lemont, Illinois?

allcreatures via the chicago tribune

parrot-back ride

allcreatures via telegraph

pretty as porcelain

i just love the texture of this painting. can't stop looking at it. via via