tomorrow, tomorrow

not a creature was stirring

...except an anthropomorphized nutcracker. this image brought a flood of nostalgia for my family's once-annual tradition of attending the nutcracker ballet at christmas. we haven't been in some time now, and i miss it. i know christmas is over, but i'm still in the holidaze.


pretty on a plate

or cutting board. rarely have i seen celery look so pretty... nor sliced meats so tasty. or maybe i'm just hungry after the stomach-stretching holidays and craving something that does not contain massive amounts of starch and/or sugar. did i mention i'm fat.

karate chop

i love roos.


or are we? lately i have the strangest feeling that things are more real in my sleep and the second i wake up it all feels so surreal... cue the twilight zone tune.


liz lemon, i love you. i've been having a lot of talking-tos with my food lately. ruh roh.


dude's cute.

angel bird

via allcreatures

kitty sammie

keep em where we can see em, little white guy. via at the end of the line



holly daze

creepy cool

via at the end of the line.


so i'm down to one set of bedsheets. i'm not sure what kind of respectable woman who resides in the land of thirty-something only has one set of bedsheets. i guess this kind, assuming i am respectable. but as mr. cordy, our peeping tom (he was prosecuted) shop teacher in middle school always said, "assuming makes an ass out of u and me." what's worse, my sheets are hand-me-downs from gracie the amazing AND they are torn and tattered. they were so darn soft and lovely that i believe they were particularly delicate and after a few years of washings (and such, i'll say no more) they are literally tearing to pieces. and yet for the life of me it's one of those to-dos that continues to fall through the i can't be bothered cracks. i can't count the number of times i've gone onto overstock, found a set of respectable thread count that seems too good to pass up, put it in my cart, but couldn't seem to click "checkout." so i put it upon my family to get me some new sheets for christmas, and my sister came through. but not so fast! when i went to wash the sheets this morning, much to my wondering eyes did NOT appear a fitted sheet. the package was clearly supposed to include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases, but the blasted fitted sheet (the one most in need of replacement), was nowhere to be found!! it seems the cosmos does not want me to have new bedsheets. i can't imagine why the cosmos would care, but i do believe i will respect its wishes. for at least another couple weeks anyway.

cookies galore

this is actually an x-ray glimpse into my stomach after a happy happy christmas. i'm fat.

pretty as rosy hose

pretty, colorful tights are definitely one of my favorite style options these days. even with a run. and a hole in the big toe, which mine usually end up getting. is there anything more irritating than the feeling of your big toe poking through your tights and into your shoe?? i daresay there is not.


bumballs! i mean, gumballs! that was a typo, but i have to leave it b/c "bumballs" just made me laugh.

pretty as a pink mini

via where the lovely things are


via designismine



and little chuckle funny


big birds in a crowded pond

why does this crowded pond make me hungry?

oui oui


pretty as a peacock

go-jiss. really, isn't it just amazing...

not so sure this is true

...but it sounds good.


cue jaws soundtrack

via, what else, allcreatures. paws are some of the cutest things in this whole wide world i think. even the word is cute. paws.


"sir, would you kindly remove your fangs from my face, thanksverymuch." he looks so above it all.

via allcreatures

dogs in ties

what more do i need to say. via eylth

set as desktop background

pursuit of happiness

cover by Lissie. she's a bit what's-her-face from what's-it-called (Fleetwood Mac), but she can really belt it out and i think i'm liking. via tkow.


the watch watch

this one's dead sexy. and not affordable in the least. shocking.

where i wanna be

i love this room. that's all.

set as desktop background

it's a bit dizzying but makes me think of the ocean.

a thing for tomatoes

i've got one of those too. i don't see green tomaHtoes too often, but these are making my mouth water. i want to crawl through the screen and crunch into them... they look not quite ripe yet so delicious.

rule of a gentleman no. 40

so far i've been pretty lucky in this regard. i don't find myself overflowing with friends at 34, but the ones i have found are immeasurably treasured and truly irreplaceable.

does it?

i hope so.

why do i want to eat this dress?

because it looks like a giant chantrelle mushroom, that's why. via

a thing for candlesticks

i've got one.

creepy cool

a haunting and gorgeous installation by jason de Caires taylor via


"ships are launching from my chest"

Welcome Home by Radical Face

pretty hilarious


this reminds me that i got a unitard for this year's halloween costume... and i thought it was the silliest most useless thing until i tried it on. and liked it. unitards are comfy. there i said it.