Sometimes I Think Sittin' on Trains

Speaking of folded paper... today's earworm du jour is MIA's Paper Planes. For obvious commuter reasons, this song gets stuck up in my head on a fairly regular basis.

This morning I was sittin' on a train thinking -as I do most every morning- that perhaps my iPod was playing too loudly. This is highly unlikely, seeing as the volume is set so low I can't even hear the damn thing against the squeals of the dinosaur El. But somehow I convince myself that maybe the earphones are projecting outward instead of into my ear. Alas, one of my uptight fears is being that person everyone's craning their neck to glare at for blasting some inevitably embarrassing song for all the train to hear. The other day it was a small redheaded guy, total dork, soundtracking a hundred commuters' mornings with Lil Wayne. I detest these people for their lack of self-awareness, and love them at the same time for making me giggle in the morning. It's no.small.feat. let me tell you.

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