chubby bunny

i hear ya, dawg

not sure why, but i'm feeling about how this dog looks today. just not quite ready to face the world and the job and all its fine details...

jonathan livingston seagull

i love seagulls, so it's no surprise i love this print. my archiving skills are for shite these days (as is my memory), and i already forget where this came from...

an owgle?

sweet ears.

pretty as a shadow

we're all young once. and if we're not stopped along the way, we all grow old.

nyc (food) on my mind

sursly, i've got to get back there soon. to visit my brother and take him w/ me on a food tour.

spring risotto

makin' me hungry... the dinner files via

she's crafty

what a cool project... the results remind me a bit of the plants in avatar's pandora...


cute in a pond

cue Jaws soundtrack...



a thing for chairs

still got one. these, via swarm, are incredible.

b/c i do have a black thumb...

i need to throw in the towel and get myself some of these. no really, me thumb's as black as the night sky. case in point... my money tree went from this lovely lass:

to dead.
it was flourishing flourishing flourishing, and then.... dead. it belonged to me, it never had a chance. its passing upset me more than i can really say. i'm not kidding. it also made me paranoid in a superstitious sort of way. it is a money tree, afterall. it was anyway.

if i didn't have a black thumb...


if i had a bigger place...

this would be mine. p's looking for a new apartment, so my craigslist furniture obsession is most likely soon to be revived. and welcomed.

poodle or pig?

pig. i guess....

Buddy, a rare Mangalitza pig, at Tropical Wings zoo in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, UK, April 17. The Mangalitzas originate from Austria and Hungary and were brought over to the UK by a breeder almost four years ago.



...in a curl...

...in a tub (aka "how COULD you? you're dead to me")...

...on a conveyor belt...

...on antlers...

...behind a mask...

so much damn cuteness today i couldn't pick just one.
via allcreatures

friday funny (on tuesday)

it's true that i'm known, on occasion (all the time), to possess the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy... so take "friday funny (on a tuesday)" with a proverbial grain or 2 of salt...

Texts without Context

an interesting nyt article that i need to return to once a bit more focused (how apropos). a bit of commentary to follow? probably not.... (and again). here's the blog that sent me there.

that the soul invariably travels at the speed of a camel

Writing for the BBC, Alain de Botton — recently writer-in-residence at Heathrow airport — imagines a world of the future without aircraft:

Everything would, of course, go very slowly. It would take two days to reach Rome, a month before one finally sailed exultantly into Sydney harbor. And yet there would be benefits tied up in this languor.

Those who had known the age of planes would recall the confusion they had felt upon arriving in Mumbai or Rio, Auckland or Montego Bay, only hours after leaving home, their slight sickness and bewilderment lending credence to the old Arabic saying that the soul invariably travels at the speed of a camel.

This new widespread “camel pace” would return travelers to a wisdom that their medieval pilgrim ancestors had once known very well. These medieval pilgrims had gone out of their way to make travel as slow as possible, avoiding even the use of boats and horses in favor of their own feet. They were not being perverse, only aware that if one of our key motives for traveling is to try to put the past behind us, then we often need something very large and time-consuming. …

Whatever the advantages of plentiful and convenient air travel, we may curse it for being too easy, too unnoticeable – and thereby for subverting our sincere attempts at changing ourselves through our journeys. [BBC]



tighten up

don't miss the dino-slide


the beach

this tune's hitting the friday spot real good, while its video is seriously making me wish i was back in NC at the beach...

shopping list

ash wood cutting board via

friday funny

not sure what's cuter: the cat pawing at the ipad or its owner giggling throughout and telling the cat how smart he is at the end...



p.s. LOVE the chairs...


another for good measure (and the post-vacay shakes)

sleigh bells

there's a bit too much distortion in this song for my taste, but i'm liking it all the same. it's helping a little with my vacation withdrawal. speaking of which, if you've never been to guanajuato, mexico, i highly recommend you go there. i went for a wedding and discovered it to be a hidden treasure smack dab in the middle of mexico. glorious weather this time of year, charming euro vibe, friendly people, practically american-free, fantastic food (sans stomach ache!), creepy mummy museum... i could go on.

on another note, sleigh is a really weird word.

cute in a pack

no words

is that a lone wattle?

weathering the weather

this is supposedly Stephen Fry's response to a fan who requested he cheer up her friend with a note. this makes me like Mr. Fry all the more...

don't look back

cute on a ledge


empty threats

a friday funny. it might be wednesday for the rest of youz, but for me, it's FRIDAY! heading to meheeko tomorrow, and not a moment too soon. i can actually relate to the urgency of this invitation just a leetle too much. time for a break from the everyday, a nice warm and sunny taking pause. and before anyone sends me a warning about travel in mexico, i'm not going to any of the places under travel warnings. but...i'll still be carefuls. adios amigos!!


"and if I shoot at you, you should shoot at me too"

"...And we can drown in pools of the thick dark words we threw..."

my favorite so far off frightened rabbit's new album, winter of mixed drinks. which is quite appropriate, not because of anything to do with the band; because it happens to sum up my winter socializing... it was, indeed, filled with mixed drinks.... required consumption in a chicago winter, me thinks.

say cheese!

this is to counterbalance the sad mug my dog is STILL wearing, more than a week after his grandmasters headed back home... i swear he is still grieving their absence, and it is seriously starting to bum me out. if you can hear me, foo, please take a page from this dog's book.

excuses shmooses

it had been awhile since i used this one, and it had been awhile since i'd taken a night to just sit with myself, but last night i used it and took that very thing. the fact that my alma mater was playing in the final game wasn't even enough to get me off my couch. yes, i happily watched duke bring it home from the comfort of my shoebox. all...by...myself. (with a sullen fletcher looking on). there were options, but i just couldn't peel myself off the sofa. so it goes. and thanks to a heavy dose of texting, i didn't even feel particularly alone.

cookie porn

i've never met a colorful macaroon that tasted anywhere near as good as it looked.... but they sure are nice to take a gander at...

a thing for chairs

i've still got one. be still my beating heart, a pretty painted eames shell chair. gulp.

cute in a teacup




pretty as a swallow

via etsy via rarebirdfinds.

a thing for sneakers

i've got one. so i DEFINITELY have a hankering for a couple of these puppies. oh frye.... why oh why? but oh how on earth to pick?? forget the spending freeze, my indecisiveness alone could keep me from pulling the trigger on these.

"When the night meets the morning sun...."

This came on shuffle as I was turning the corner onto Division Street today and kept a-loopin' 'til I exited the elevator on the 19th floor....


"black and white horse"

"...marching among us."

another one... because it's so... damn... pretty. and b/c pma came out w/ a pretty damn good list of the best songs of 2010. so far.

"There is a love that sleeps inside"

"...the canyons of our deepest dreaming lives...a shelter that cannot be lost... a name that is so deep and so far across."

where i've been

by aaron huey


Dear Dan,

Thanks for the laughs...

Q What's the etiquette for having sex when you're a guest in another person's house? Friends spent the night and shared some passion. I don't have a problem with this. However, this was period sex, and I was left with bloody, sex-stained sheets. Am I wrong to be annoyed? Can I ask them to replace the sheets? —Hostess With the Menses
A Your guests had to know—if your sheets were a bloody mess, so were your guests—and they should have offered to replace your sheets. You're right to be annoyed. If you believe your friends are selfish and inconsiderate—if you think they didn't care about they mess they left for you—confront them, ask for replacements, and cultivate other friendships. But if you know your friends to be deeply sex-negative, HWTM, it's possible they were so mortified by the mess—evidence that they'd had sex!—that they were paralyzed by shame. If that's the case, let it slide, buy your own replacements, and cultivate other friendships.
The etiquette for having sex when you're a guest in another person's house goes like this: Polite guests do not leave a bloody, spunky, or santorumy mess for their hosts to clean up. Staying in the guest room and desperately horny? Sounds like the perfect opportunity for an extended—and tidy—oral-sex session. Staying in the guest room and want to fuck? Fuck on the desk, fuck standing up, fuck in the shower. If your partner is one of those only-in-bed, only-on-my-back types, lay a towel down on your host's sheets—or, better yet, a couple of your own T-shirts—and fuck away.
Thoughtful hosts purchase dark sheets and towels for guest suites. If guests leave a towel on the floor of the bathroom in a neat little ball, toss that towel in the wash—with extra bleach if the towels are white—without unfurling and inspecting. An unwise host who unfurls a balled-up white towel may find herself staring at what looks like the flag of imperial Japan. And if your guests are courteous enough to strip the bed before they leave, those balled-up sheets go straight into the wash, too.