pretty as a crooked canopy


workin on it

locals & tourists

blue pictures are by locals, red by tourists, yellow might be by either... in Chicago. via



i'd like to channel this dog's fierce focus right...about...now.

she sells seashells by the seashore

i want.

cute in a canoe

creepy cool

mirror man street performer. neat but scary.

make it happen


sunny a-frame

i just love this room.... that's all.

i second that

to cross or not to cross

finding myself at a bit of a crossroads lately.... can't really put it into words yet, but there's a lot going on up in the noggin. a little too much. via

stuff no one told me

(but i learned anyway). via bb-blog


that's all.

i second that

me too.

cute with a banana

i suppose this is a bit dirty, but i think it's cute. even though i hate bananas. hate is a strong word. i don't like bananas. unless they're in bread. or pudding.

cute with a silver beak

via allcreatures.


love the color, even for fingernails...

where i wanna be

pretty as a druzy ring

these dara ettinger rings are gorgeous. i really really want one. but am not going to get one. way to go, way to show restraint.



on a towel! i want one!

cute without hair

poor wittle wombat....

"Shrek, the hairless wombat - who lost his hair due to a fungal condition caused by poor diet and the stress of being orphaned, is seen at the Maryknoll Wildlife Shelter, Melbourne, Australia."



pretty as birds & berries

set as desktop background

i've gotten into oysters lately. first i ate several at a house dinner party where the host had bought them from her "fish guy." they were raw and totally fresh and sans fishy flavors. it was probably the first time i really gave oysters a go (without covering it up w/ so much hot sauce and lemon that there was nary an oyster left to taste). and i dug them. last night i went to naha on a groupon. we tried the oyster appetizer, and though they were briny (as i've learned to describe them), i still LOVED them. it was an instantaneous transport to the seashore. i can see how some might hate that flavor, and how in a certain mood i might not like it so much either, but boy did they ever hit the spot last night. not to mention the softshell crab to follow (f'amazing!) and p's wood-grilled ribeye. i have not had a steak that delicious in a very very long time. in short, if you're in chicago and have some money to spare or something to celebrate, try naha. the ambiance is a bit stuffy for my taste (we were by far the most casually dressed folks there), but the food... to DIE for.


looks like it feels pretty good...

yellow fever

love love love them both... via here and here


pretty tasty

a few selections from this article. i love the look of the meringue sticks up top. having been to alinea, i can say they could have picked a better achatz creation than the hearts of palm, but i had to give homage...