Res Ipsa Loquitur

I'm in luve with Figgy.

I Gasped When I Heard the News

What a fine legacy...

Which Reminds Me...

I finally got two of these badboys for my kitchen. I've been eyeing them since they were put back in production, and when they went on sale at the end of last year AND I got my bonus at the same time I saw it as a sign. A sign that I am a little irresponsible and compulsive, yes, but once I get around to selling my tulip-like chairs on craigslist they won't seem so indulgent.

A Thing For Chairs

Nice. I mean, very good and proper.

Cool New Stuff From MOMA

tigrito cat bowl
m-pad cd/dvd covers

Stuff that I want but won't get because I'm trying to practice self control and a new found sense of anything can happen and I don't need to live everyday like it's my last. I suppose if I did I wouldn't be buying stuff from MOMA, I'd use it to travel to a faraway oceanfront destination and eat amazing meals consisting of noodles and cheese and lobster and the finest of fishes and...well, anyway, you get the idea. Maybe.


"You've Been a Bitch, I've Been an Ass"

There's a lot to be done around here, so I'm finally getting around to checking out this band. Naturally.

Earth As Art

Earth as desktop background.

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Red Drinks on Planes

It is what it is. Probably the only time I'll say that dumb phrase and actually mean it.

Pretty As A Stoplight

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Dreaming of a Dressing Room

Why yes I do. And if you saw my hallway-come-closet-thanks-to-a-suspension-rod-and-some fabric, well... you'd know why. Did I mention the clothing rod itself falls down every month or so, bringing down half my clothes with it? It's loads of fun trying to finagle that thing back up. It involves lots of elbow grease and giant screws. And the last time it happened (last week), I broke out the superglue.

image via apartment therapy

Lone Wolf Plays With Dog


Each winter Romeo the black wolf descends from the hills of Alaska's Tongass National Forest to play with domesticated dogs on their winter walks.

For the past six years, wildlife photographer John Hyde has been following the friendly animal. And gaining the huge wolf's trust has allowed him to take these intimate photos.

"When I first photographed him he was just a cub without a pack," revealed John.

"This is unusual because wolves are such social animals and are often in decent numbers.

"So when the opportunity arose for him to have some company he would approach domestic dogs and play with them as mates.

"This kind of interaction between wild and domesticated animals is really rare but as the years went by he appeared to be very friendly and accepting of the company."

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"The Boundary Times between Day and Night"

During today's perusal of lenscratch, these photographs instantly stopped me in my Uggs (ugh, I finally caved and bought some. A girl can only handle ice cube toes for so long). They're by Lynn Saville, and she -like me- grew up in Durham, NC, went to Duke for college, and eventually moved on to a bigger city (hers bigger than mine, though it seems she's settled in Brooklyn). These photographs jumped right off the screen and plucked at something inside me... they're images I would see myself and think, "boy this would make an amazing photograph." They're clearly within city scapes and yet at a certain distance. Coincidence, I wonder, that I so relate to her view....or is there sometimes a common taste that's born of being from the same place? Probably coincidence, but now I'm curious about the lady. And her other work.



Impulse Buy

would like it to be one, anyway. Too bad i -just- replaced my broken one a couple weeks before spotting this little marimekko beauty.


The Perfect Bag

But for the $300 price tag. Dammit.

Love At First Sound

Steel Train. Check it.

A Thing For Soup

If I lived in NYC I would methodically taste-test New York's 50 tastiest soups. I love soup. I'm a soup nut. This is enough to make me want to make a special trip to see my brother. And eat some soup. I look at this picture and my mouth waters. Truly. At this moment I can't taste a damn thing thanks to cold number 2 of the season, make that month and a half (can we kick it, immune system?)... but I think I'm drooling. Or maybe that's just the nasal drip. Gross, sorry.



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Earworm Du Jour

Don't know what he's saying. Don't know what he's wearing. Don't know who he is. But I know it's workin' for me.

I Second That

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