Moo Cow Should Have Been Mine

I opened 20x200 moments after they posted today's new piece, and yet I'd already missed the adorably perfect "Moo Cow," by Andrew Hetherington. SOLD.OUT. Damnit! I would've taken Moo Cow over the lonely British shrub and even the duck growing out of the magnolia, both of which are currently chilling in my apartment awaiting the right frames. They're great, but isn't "Moo Cow" the cutest frikin' thing ever?? I just want to keep saying "Moo Cow" while looking at "Moo Cow." Moo Cow. Moo Cow.

It doesn't get old.

Blasted! I'm glad their art is selling and all, but things sure have changed since I first posted about them back in 2007. This is getting seriously cutthroat!

So… uh... yeah, anyone fancy making a little profit off the Moo Cow they were so.damned.lucky to get? You know where to find me. leisurely pacing a nondescript crowded park. in trench coat. hands nonchalantly clasped behind me. upward gaze of contentment. whistling. dreaming of Moo Cow.

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Caitlin said...

If more than one person offers to see you their copy of Moo Cow, send the second one my way. I too am ridiculously saddened by being only moments too late to get my copy.

caitlinrosen at gmail dot com