coolest marshmallow

ever. by far.

coolest diamond ring

ever. by far.

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a thing for bulbs

yes, i'd like to be here. now.

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art to life

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I Second That

more and more i find myself trying to live by this motto. i'm not succeeding always, but i realized that there's a bit of peace to be found in refocusing toward kindness and patience when i find myself stewing over someone's behavior.

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McGowan, Cave et al's Haiti Tune

"You know the reason I can't hurt"

"...I've got a heart of stone."

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two for tuesday

i . . .am . . .exhausted. plum tuckered out. so this is really hitting the spot. so is this. (second c/o aswoba)

nice little ditty

fat bird

or bleeding heart dove c/o all creatures



"Even if we learn from our mistakes, life is continually too new and uncharted for us (me) to avoid outright idiocy on a regular basis." - Alain de Botton



not sure why, but i keep seeing this photo and keep liking it more and more. the ciggy, the hands, the street, the looks, the angle.



"My Baby Left Me"

catchy, good for a friday...

Spoiler - The Mouse Doesn't Croak!

Sorry to spoil it, but (like bbblog) I couldn't have watched it if I didn't know....



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because it's been awhile

since i've posted a random picture of water. it's just so soothing... and now, simply because pitchfork tickets are already on sale, summer doesn't seem so so sooo far away...


Two for Thursday

LOVIN it. stolen straight from my favorite dftd'r, missmaggie.

To Eat

this picture and this recipe for krispy kale have my mouth watering.

When The Morning Comes

Embedding is disabled, but it's worth it to go to youtube for the earworm du jour... do it. you won't be sorry.



Look Out, My Mom's Using Technology

Last night at 11:55 pm I was awakened by the ding of a new text. It was from an unknown number and read:


Me: "Who's this?"

Answer: "That was from me. MY new# 336.555.5555"

Me: "Who's me?"

Answer: "Sorry-mom"

Me: "Yeah right"

It was 12:55 mum's time, and I thought pigs would get wings and hell would get all cold before my mom would start texting, let alone past midnight. Well, I was wrong. It was my mom.

This morning I received an email confirming the text was from her and describing texting as "feeling like I'm traveling in a country where I don't speak the language." Oh boy, this is gonna be interesting.

the watch watch

i'm suddenly so into them. another cool one.

"And As For Fortune And As For Fame..."

"...I never invited them in...though it seemed to the world they were all I desired."

Random, but every time I hear this song I feel a little something more than baseline.

Movies of the Millenium

the films of the 2000s from Paul Proulx on Vimeo. Via the daily dish

I Second That

Definition of a present: something you can't get for yourself. As a child, that meant toys. In adulthood: reassurance, sympathy, forgiveness

Alain does it again...


cute on a stick

i feel like he's trying to tell me something...

what the hell?

and what i mean by that is... i love him.

this about sums up today...

That, and a burgeoning cold that I am DETERMINED to nip in the bud. Not just because it's the 3rd one to strike me in fewer than 3 months, but because I'm headed to meet my new nephew (Grant-astic) this weekend, and I CANNOT get sick before heading out there. Babies and adult ailments don't mix, so I hear. bah! What have i done?? I blame the bananas.


This Weekend I Was A Banana

and that's all i have to say about that.

Pretty As Calligraphy

(on a dirty truck)


I might even want to get married if I could wear THIS.


Pretty As A Cloud


Foo Dogs

i want em.

Here Lies Love

David Byrne, Fatboy Slim and Florence Welch. Good tune.


Wow. These are some of the most incredible animal photographs I've ever seen. Which comes as little surprise when you read just how connected the photographer, Lennette Newell, is to her subjects....

Lennette is a successful commercial photographer, specializing in animals and children, lives in Northern California. Some of her clients include Milk-Bone and Eukanuba. Her work has been celebrated in the 2010 Black & White Spider Awards, 2009 International Aperture Awards, 2009 International Photography Awards, 2009 PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, 2009 Photography Masters Cup, Hasselblad Masters 2009 finalist, and 2009 Graphis Photography Annual. She's been busy!

And this is her story about the image below (leopard):

"While the black leopard was a somewhat trained (use that word loosely) leopard, this image demonstrates the fine line. To me this is a reminder of how my posture, breathing, hair must relay my respect and animal instinct clearly as my eyes are behind the camera. The weak get eaten and rightfully so in the animal kingdom, I accept this and embrace it. He was in the open, with all claws and no trainer anywhere near me, his food was accidently thrown very close to me, this was not a long lens. I knew immediately this could end badly should I have made the slightest deviation in breath or body language."


I Second That

"Love of oceans & deserts for reminding us without humiliation that we are mere specks of dust in an indifferent universe." - Alain de Botton

Like another blogger (whose identity I've forgotten) recently said, this is the only twitterer or tweeter or whatever they are that has really caught my eye.



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I Second That

“life is not easy for any of us. but what of that? we must have perseverance and, above all, confidence in ourselves. we must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.” – Marie Curie

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Desperate To Try

this oh so neatly packaged bean-to-bar chocolate. yummer.

"You Came My Way"

"...said I want you to stay."