Parlor Games

I don't heart conversation hearts. They're not terribly creative, and they taste like Tums. So I was pleased when a coworker engaged a few of us in a friendly game of "Desecrate the
Converation Heart." It started innocently enough, with said coworker asking for everyone's vote for funniest conversation heart. It ended with the following submissions:

love is lame, I heart dick, rock my vag, and fist me.

Classy bunch. And the hands-down winner (offered by a girl who's been mistaken for a Mary Kay rep more than once):

milk my prostate

Slow day at the office.


Rachel Tamed said...

If only the "fist me" conversation heart could be purchased in bulk. I imagine I would toss handfulls of them at strangers on the sidewalk, and then run away.

Molly said...

Those are awesome! One year I gave out valentines on which I'd glued repurposed conversation hearts; I'd written "Eat Me" or "Bite Me" on them with red pen.