"I Wanna Love You"

"...but I'm growing old."

Hola amigos! Boy did I hear that a lot over the last week. Boy how I'd love to hear it again, but I'm back in the Chicagotown. A shade or so darker (woo hoo!), though you can hardly tell under the glow of these flourescent lights. I had a grand time, indeed, and will elaborate pronto. We were greeted by an unseasonably warm couple days upon our return, which was helpful for my predictable post-vacation melancholies. Mere forties compared to Meheeko's eighties, but something to hold onto. Thanks, global warming.

Yesterday was an 11 hour day of billing, and I need to bill 9 more for the next 3 days (including Saturday), which will still leave me 10 hours shy of my monthly minimum billing requirement. Fun times. Needless to say... I'll really be back when that's all sorted.

In the meantime, here's a little tune I played three times en route to work this morning. More Mando Diao albums have arrived, and I'm not disappointed. No, not at all. I like the flow of the chorus in this one.

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