Friday Funny II

The bunny-comic puts out a week-daily comic that's been giving me consistent doses of the inner laughs. I chose this one in honor of my own coulrophobia. Though I wouldn't say I fear clowns so much as think them deeply disturbing and creepy and prone to child molestation.

When I was a kid I'd ride my bike a couple miles from my house to the Sunoco to buy candy. I went with a list to look as if I was buying the candy for more than just myself, but really it was all for me. Thank goodness for good metabolism (back then), but that's not the point. The point is that I'd pedal fiercely there and back to maintain enough speed to evade any rusted-out black vans filled with clowns. I was pretty sure there was one lurking around my little suburb waiting to abduct and molest me.

I blame one of those after school specials. I ended up with my own abduction visualization embellished with clowns as a result. I was pretty much never the same again, always looking over my shoulder for a van full of pedophilia. And I wonder where I got that good metabolism.... unreasonable anxiety and frantic pedaling are a good start.


Jimmy Trickle said...

Not to add fuel to the fire - but 'John Wayne Gacy'.

Bugger. I'm going to have to sleep with a butter knife under my pillow now.

figment said...

oh no, you had to go there... maybe you're sticking with a butter instead of butcher knife b/c his thing was for the boys. yeeps.