Les Poupées Russes

Here's a cute tune by Seti from the movie I watched for the second time around last night, Russian Dolls. I liked it more last night than I recall liking it a year or so ago. This is probably for reasons that have little to do with the movie itself and much to do with misdirected anger. I'd venture to say it's not quite on par with its predecessor, L'auberge Espagnole, but I was thoroughly entertained all the same. Romain Duris, who takes the lead, is your consummate everyman and an excellent actor to boot (if you haven't seen Le Peril Jeune or De Battre Mon Coeur S'est Arrêté (The Beat That My Heart Skipped), I recommend them). In fact, I'd say that every other actor chosen for the movie has real chops too. The expressions, intonation and overall timing are so spot on, it's a small joy to watch it all come together.

Xavier (Duris) ends the movie comparing the search for the so-called "one" to my beloved nesting dolls...

If I think about all the girls I've known or slept with or just desired, they're like a bunch of Russian dolls. We spend our lives playing the game dying to know who'll be the last, the teeny-tiny one hidden inside all the others. You can't just get to her right away. You have to follow the progression. You have to open them one by one wondering, "Is she the last one?"

As my sister and I used to say (in master-of-the-obvious tone): "Hence, the title of the movie."

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