"Nothing Left To Gain From Remembering..."

"...faces and worlds that no one else will ever know."

This comes on the recommendation of GTA (thanks, deary!). I'm only just beginning with Antony and his Johnsons (well that sounded gross), but the chosen vid is "You Are My Sister." And here they are doing "Kiss My Name" (gorgeous! but not great quality sound), "Hope There's Someone" on Jools Holland, and his breakthrough performance on the Leonard Cohen documentary, I'm Your Man, singing Cohen's "If It Be Your Will." Part of me wants to compare him to other singers (at first it was Aaron Neville. Sorry, Antony), but he really does have a sound of his own. A kinda breathtaking one. Apparently he can make Lou Reed cry, and from what I hear of ornery Lou Reed, that's talent.

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