"I Used To Think Life's a Bitter Pill..."

"... but it's a grand ole time."

Dangit. Of course the actual video disabled embedding. This here's just the making of, so GO HERE to see the actual video for this gem by The Rapture. It's good times, it's catchy, I never get enough of it. Makes me dream a little dream of sunny sunny days and cutting a rug. Seeing as I've got a few to look forward to, just thought I'd throw one more song on here and end on an upbeat note. Plantin' the seed of fun to come... woo! alright! yeah!

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Jimmy Trickle said...

Great track. Makes me pine for skinny jeans and foppish hair. Given that I am neither skinny nor foppish (assuming it is a male transgression only) it is a jealousy I will always harbour.

Ps. I tagged you over at my place for a photography meme. Join in if you fancy: