Get Up Get Out and Get Gone

This would be a good song to wake up to in the morning. I've been having a little problem lately known as "trouble waking up in the morning." Lately as in several years now, maybe decades, possibly from birth. I'm pretty sure I was born in the morning, which means I must have come out all glistening and grumpy. But I refuse to surrender hope that one day I'll magically tranform into one of these mystical bright-eyed and bushy-tailed morning creatures. Prior to attaining senior citizen status, preferably.

My last attempt at a morning remedy ended in the purchase of an overpriced alarm clock so complicated I couldn't figure out how to set it let alone turn it off when it randomly sounded. So much for waking to the pretty sounds of nature, I finally admitted I'm better off with my trusty cell phone's adult contemporary elevator music ring that I currently force myself to hear every 5 minutes for an hour before I finally face the fact that I must rise or face an imminent sacking. Whoever the hell LG employee thought a 5 minute snooze interval was a good idea needs to be tortured. By shitty adult contemporary elevator music, preferably. Surprisingly, the current routine doesn't exactly set the stage for anything other than a day of "the misanthropies," so I'm in the market for my next morning wake-up cure. If anyone out there has any, I'm all ears for idears.

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