Talk to the Back, Bitnits

Two pieces from Audrey Corregan's series, "Obviously." These have been circulating on image sites for awhile, but they never fail to catch my eye. This might sound weird (when does that ever stop me), but looking at the back of my own dog's furry head as he stares off into the mysterious distance strikes me in the exact same way these photos do. I can't quite work out the connection, but Corregan's site does a good job of capturing the overall feel:

They are big, almost our alter egos. These imposing creatures turn their backs on us in superb indifference, captivated by a sight that we cannot see. With their wide necks and large bodies, these hieratic silhouettes fill the cramped space of the frame. They offer us the patterns of their lustrous speckled plumage.... the way it resists capture in the image, resists being taken.... time is suspended. Crammed into their neutral grey cages, they seem statuesque.

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