Barack n' Roll

Thanks to the lil bee for passing on the hilarity.

Seeing this now is odd timing b/c

1. Last week I came across this old school video for the original song by Rick Astley and could not stop watching the train wreck disguised as dancing. You'd be remiss not to check out his moves. Not to mention those of his lady love. Do the chicken dance fusion!

2. I caught my first ever Ellen episode yesterday while nursing a nasty cold from home. She's funny alright, but I had to cringe for the guests forced to get up there and bust a move with her.

I've been known to cut a rug or two, but that would totally freeze me, red faced, purple eared and all. Yeah, my ears turn purple when I'm nervous or in the spotlight. What of it? I've learned to adapt. Long hair comes in handy.

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The Lil Bee said...

Love the Barack n' Roll title!