Haunt du Jour

I can't stop looking at this. Franck Juery has created lots of "can't stop looking" photographs, which you too can pour over on his site. I spent Christmas in France a couple years ago, and this photo transported me back to evening wanderings through a chilly and darkening Toulouse, in search of the perfect spots for our imbibing pleasure.

This is another ghostly image showcasing the Christmas decorations I fell in love with at the time. They have a simply old fashioned feel, which beautifully compliments the age of the winding cobblestone streets below them and the gracefully aging structures keeping them afloat. It only adds to the beloved European vibe of momentarily existing in another era.

Great, now I have a nostalgic lump in my throat. All the better to lawyer with?

Thanks to BB blog for the rec.


The Lil Bee said...

Christmas in Paris sounds so absolutely dreamy!

figment said...
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