Impulse Buy

In the damaging impulse spectrum, these were totally benign. But impulse nevertheless. The last thing I need are more pieces of apartment flare when looming winter demands a coat rack... and new kitchen chairs (make that a "want"). Still, at $1-2 a pop, I couldn't behold these adorable zig zag pots at The Container Store (a.k.a. the devil made me do it) without picking up a few to store bathroom knick-knacks.

Cuter in person, they look like colorful cupcake cups. I've opted to use them for my sink-side daily essentials. But if you're not weird (like me) about storing cotton balls and q-tips in airtight containers (or having food-like product in the bathroom), I think it would look so cute to have the cotton tips and balls fluffing out the top to complete the cupcake look.

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