She Acts Like We Never Met

While fattening up my coffee at Alliance this morning, this song came on, helping the coffee in its herculean efforts to move my stagnant morning blood. I finished dressing my coffee before it ended and reached for the iPod to hear the rest, which is when I discovered that I have not yet ripped ANY of my many Bob CDs to put on my iPod. Blasphemy! I will get (D to get) right on that.

This is Bob doing "I Don't Believe (She Acts Like We Never Met)" in 1964 at Philharmonic Hall. Not to worry, this was when he still used varying intonations while performing live. And here he is back in 1965 doing one of my all time favorites, Love Minus Zero/No Limit.

My love she laughs like the flowers, Valentines can't buy her....

My love winks, she does not bother, She knows too much to argue or to judge....

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