Finale on the Photo Front

It's a photo kind of day. And this one just screams "Don't Look Back." As in, this was the chick smoking a ciggy in the background while Bob toiled away on his typewriter mumbling nonsense. Lurve the style.

Shoo, Joan Baez, shoo. Was she (and all her facial contortions) annoying in that or what?

photo c/o ffffound


Voltaire said...

Shoo, Bob Dylan, Shoo! Have you ever been anything but annoying?

figment said...

so many bob haters out there. is that you, D? oh wait, maybe you were talking about me. in that case... is that you, D? i'd venture to say i'm less annoying in the flesh, but then someone near and dear did recently compare my armor to that of a hedgehog. guess it's humility week.