An Endless Night, Silver Star Spangled

Assuming the sign of a stellar show is wanting to hear more as soon as you walk out the door, Nick Cave was one screaming success. When I got home I couldn't help but stay up and search youtube for good vids and juicy tidbits on his personal life. What can I say, even with that hair and stache he is a damn sexy man. He's got moves. Here's a hodgepodge, in no particular order as you will see....

The top is Henry Lee, from Murder Ballads ('96), and here's an excellent live version. What I never knew (or knew before the early-onset-alzheimers) was that Nick and PJ were a couple, and their break-up was the catalyst for The Boatman's Call ('97). Now that I know (or remember), it makes perfect sense... Here's "Into My Arms" and "People Ain't No Good" from Boatman's Call.

And here's the spookier sounds of Let Love In ('94) with "Do You Love Me?" and "Red Right Hand," live and not live.

From No More Shall We Part ('01), here's a live cut of "Love Letter" and a video (that I'm LOVING) for "Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow." Look, there's Jarvis Cocker! I'd kill for Nick to come perform in an office conference room and get all the stuffed shirts to cut a rug. What a badass idea for a video, no?

Another favorite from 1990's The Good Son is The Ship Song, and here's the video version with a funny interview intro on why he didn't approve of the execution. Bad hair day.

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