Renegade Crafts

Here ends my rainy Saturday. Now I’m just waiting for Noah to paddle his ark by my window. I can hardly imagine the ruckus my dog would make then, but judging from what he does when we pass a horse and carriage downtown (mass hysteria), it'd be sumfin for "the rockstar's" record books.

Despite the nonstop downpour, D and I headed down the street to check out the Renegade Craft Fair. He picked up a couple clever tees, and I got awful tempted but am kinda proud to say I resisted. I’m testing my recently re-found efforts to figure why it is I’m so constantly short on clams (and actually do something about it this time, yeah, thas right). Since I had my tri-annual burst-into-one-minute-of-ugly-ass-tears about it earlier in the day, seems to be as good a time as any to give it another go.

Even though I didn’t buy anything, the weather failed to cooperate, and my so-called raincoat soaks water in instead of repelling it, the craft fair was really neato. I was reminded of how many great (though not always particularly nice) independent artists are out there making really cool shit. I’m keeping my booklet of crafters handy and am determined to turn to it next time I’m on the search for the perfect gift. Here’s hoping I've got a little more green to spare by then….

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