Graffiti a la Nerdy

This cracks me up. If I gave graffiti a go, my result would probably look a lot like Edward's.

Last night I went to see a local show at The Hideout, a name-appropriate dive bar/music venue in town. I noticed that they redecorated the bathroom recently with odd stickers in different geometric shapes in seventies shades of peach, brown and yellow. Someone did not approve. Hovering eye level across from the commode was someone's judgmental scribble: "This is the ugliest bathroom I've ever seen." Below that, a devoted patron angrily responded: "Fuck you. I like it."


Startickler said...

I always think of wickedly clever retorts, but unfortunately I am never armed with a pen while doing my business. And by the time I finish, wash my hands, and take the time to try to find one, I've lost interest. Or the stall is occupied.

BUT, I'll try to make a point to take a look down in NOLA because there's some true quality bathroom graffiti down there.

There's also a bar that perpetually pipes in the theme from Psycho. Speeds up the ladies' line.

figment said...

yes, do take note! i fear i'm going to have to start taking my camera w/ me into the stalls just so i can remember all the gems.

i've also had my intentions foiled by pen absence. one time i actually wrote something in lipstick, throwing away the guilty stick when i was done. no evidence, no germs.

classy broad.