Uncommon Vision

I finally saw The Double Life of Veronique the other night. With a so-so storyline, I don’t see it as Krzysztof Kieslowski’s best, but I liked it enough to watch it twice, and it confirmed my deep love for his vision. This image is one of my favorites from the movie, very much a signature shot that captures a certain smallness, or slowness or exquisiteness in the everyday. Sometimes I think of him as the Milan Kundera of cinema. Without the biting humor.

Although the story wasn’t quite as engaging as I thought and hoped it might be, the underlying idea that there might be another “you” or “me” living another life somewhere out there and giving us virtual company in the process had a charming way of transporting me back to my childhood. Way back when, I’d completely lose myself in those sorts of magical possibilities and all that they entailed. I wonder when I stopped entertaining myself with those fantasies, when I stopped finding so much fascination in every dark nook and cranny I passed. Kieslowski obviously never did. And thank goodness for that.

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