Today I Learned

1. When one form of mass transit goes gangbusters awry, forms B (bus) and C (taxi) go down the tubes with it;

2. It takes 45 minutes for me to walk from my apartment to work;

3. It's a lovely day outside. 45 minutes of walking coupled with said lovely day equals plenty of time to work up some ole fashioned down home perspiration and lots of it;

4. Secret deodorant should be taken down for legal misrepresentation in a class-action lawsuit. (Any other class members out there?);

5. On even the most unbreathable of fabrics, a bold-on-navy pattern compassionately hides unseemly sweat; and

6. The most well-worn suede sandal flats still give blisters when one is on a mission.

And it's not even 10:00 a.m.


Anonymous said...

I'm the mothafuckin poster child for a Secret class action suit, and everyone who knows me (or seen me in anything other than black) will have to heartily agree. Show me where to sign, Litigator. ~CTA

figment said...

is that you, GTA?? tis true, i happen to be one of those in-the-know of your postergirl status. takes one to know one. these days it's manageable unless i'm (a) exerting myself (walking) or (b) doing something frightful like leading a deposition. way to show 'em who's confident! i still remember that beautiful dress you bought... the twenties style seagreen silk w/ brown detailing... ruined all b/c your SELFISH friend demanded you speak at her wedding. cruelty.