My friend, Craig

I've been on the prowl for new kitchen chairs for awhile now. My furniture friend, Craig Slist, has almost single-handedly hooked me up over my years here in Chicago, but nothing I'd seen there recently was quite right, and all the new options I've been eyeing are too expensive to justify. Just when I'd decided to hold steady with my red IKEA hand-me-downs, lo and behold, I lucked out and scored these tulip-like chairs for practically free. They're not Saarinen and obviously have a propellor bottom instead of the tulip's classic circular bottom, but I really like them all the same. They were made by a Texas company called Burke around the same time as tulips, so they're not exactly a knock-off either.

Now I must figure out how to reupholster the seats, which are currently covered in an unfortunate black vinyl. I wonder if I'll need much more than a choice fabric and a staple gun, since the seats easily remove via bolts on the bottom? If anyone out there has any tips, I'd be most grateful!

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