Bambi Killer

I try not to think about the fact that Foo eats deer. It's not his fault he's allergic to a mystery protein other than deer, and so we stick with deer. Oddly enough, sometimes he reminds me of a deer, particularly when he's prancing. This brings a whole new meaning to that "you are what you eat" philosophy. As for me and the pig, no comment.

But all that's beside the point, if there was one from the start. Oh yeah, being the professed creature lover that I am, I find myself very fond of these photos by Sharon Montrose. My favorite is definitely the porcupine. Figures. Most of her subjects are residents of a nearby zoo and, we presume, have pretty good lives. I like how the images are sweetly stripped bare yet still remind of the various ways that animals are forced to live within human confines. Which I see as both good and bad all at the same time.

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