Hitting the Hay

Heading to bed a little early tonight in anticipation of an early rise to (ba)rock the vote. I don't queue well, so I'm hoping to avoid some of the predicted waits by arriving at the ass-crack of dawn. We'll see how that goes. I imagine this is universal, but there sure is a buzz in the Chicago air (not at all hindered by the wonderfully warm weather we're having). I'm feeling the excitement and predict it will turn to that "I need to go to the bathroom" nervousness about 24 hours from now.

For those not in the foo know, this is not my dog. Foo would instantly hoover any food I attempted to put on his face. So why bother trying when Dooce's Chuck will do the hard workin' for us?

Update: I was in line this morning by 6:20 and was done voting by 7:00. Not too shabby. Now it's shower time and off to work with all appendages crossed....

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