alain de botton continues to blow my mind...

A simple problem of arithmetic: there are far more ambitions than there are grand destinies available

After one or two of life's serious setbacks, it becomes hard to remain entirely dry-eyed when 'I will survive' comes on the radio.

Monogamy is a fine ideal but when someone says of their partner 'I trust them a 1000%,' it's hard not to feel a little depressed.

To be as tough as the world to give kids the strength to deal with it eventually, or to be far less tough - for the very same reason.

Is that things are OK proof that it was ridiculous to worry - or are things OK only because one worried?

So many relationships spoilt by our tendency to become mean when we are in fact hurt.

Haunted by Saul Bellow's remark: 'it is a wise man who is able to outgrow the attitudes to women of his father.'


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