the little fir tree

do you hear that? no? maybe because it's muffled by the surrounding insulation, but i'm quite sure i hear the distant sounds of my own heart breaking. i sobbed (in secret) the first time i read The Little Fir Tree. the little tree was so happy it was picked to be part of the family's Christmas... so adored, so much attention received. only to be thrown in the backyard to die at season's end. i can still remember the last sketch with its barren twigs covered in snow. ouch. it honestly hurts me to this day. yes, i'm overly sensitive about strange things (like anthropomorphized plants), i admit it, but seriously... it's tragic. these photos by Todd Sanchioni bring me right back to that moment of closing the book with a furrowed brow, a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. and never feeling quite right about Christmas trees ever again. thanks, Hans.

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