so i'm down to one set of bedsheets. i'm not sure what kind of respectable woman who resides in the land of thirty-something only has one set of bedsheets. i guess this kind, assuming i am respectable. but as mr. cordy, our peeping tom (he was prosecuted) shop teacher in middle school always said, "assuming makes an ass out of u and me." what's worse, my sheets are hand-me-downs from gracie the amazing AND they are torn and tattered. they were so darn soft and lovely that i believe they were particularly delicate and after a few years of washings (and such, i'll say no more) they are literally tearing to pieces. and yet for the life of me it's one of those to-dos that continues to fall through the i can't be bothered cracks. i can't count the number of times i've gone onto overstock, found a set of respectable thread count that seems too good to pass up, put it in my cart, but couldn't seem to click "checkout." so i put it upon my family to get me some new sheets for christmas, and my sister came through. but not so fast! when i went to wash the sheets this morning, much to my wondering eyes did NOT appear a fitted sheet. the package was clearly supposed to include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases, but the blasted fitted sheet (the one most in need of replacement), was nowhere to be found!! it seems the cosmos does not want me to have new bedsheets. i can't imagine why the cosmos would care, but i do believe i will respect its wishes. for at least another couple weeks anyway.

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