giving thanks

i've been reading Lit by Mary Karr for an embarrassingly long time now. when she was going through a far worse bout of (alcoholism induced) anxiety and depression, she mentioned how the one thing that seemed to help the most (and surprisingly so) was being thankful for what she could think to be thankful for (i for one can think of quite a lot) and then praying for what she still needed and/or wanted. i've never been much of a prayer, i'm not particularly religious, though i do ask/pray for the exact same thing every 11:11 i catch and every time a plane i'm on takes off and lands, but i've started to work on increasing the frequency. thank then pray, not a bad optimistic cycle, and not a bad sketch here to sum up the thanks portion of the program...
sketch via this adorable artist in chicago - lots more cute works on her etsy site.

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