"When The Day Is Done..."

"... I hope you're still the same."

A thousand thanks to one of those rare (dirty) birds, who's actually managed to stay reliably the same over the years, for packing and mailing a FIVE HUNDRED pound box of leftover b-day gifts to me all the way from ATL. That'd be you, GTA. You might recall (though I'd like to soon forget) how I was too sickly my last day in Atlanta to do anything with them myself. tsk.tsk.

Among the countless goodies found within the loveliness of my new Orla Kiely wheelie duffle (um, an EMPTY Orla Kiely WALLET would have MORE than sufficed!) was my beloved b-day mix, which brings back many a memory (we'll always love you, Ma Bells) and introduced me to this pretty gem by The Samples.

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